AM Vericut

VERICUT 8.1 to include new Additive Simulation Capability.

CGTech have announced that the next Version of its world leading CNC Simulation software, VERICUT, will include a new Additive Manufacturing (AM) simulation module.

With the advent of hybrid machining centres that combine subtractive machining and metal additive deposition, CGTech has responded to user requests for VERICUT to simulate the entire CNC process of hybrid machines.

 “Additive Manufacturing applications are limitless for manufacturers,” said Tony Shrewsbury, CGTech Ltd. Managing Director. “CGTech has always been forward thinking. Adding this cutting-edge technology to VERICUT provides unique solutions that address the needs of our customers taking advantage of the rapidly expanding AM market.”

With more manufactures adopting AM into their daily operations, the timeliness of adding this new capability in VERICUT is critical. The new AM capability in VERICUT V8.1 simulates the same NC code that will drive the CNC machine, enabling companies to virtually experiment with combining additive and traditional “subtractive” metal removal processes to determine optimal safe “Hybrid” production methods.  “This gives our customers a competitive edge to create, customise, and/or repair products, and in the process, redefine current production technology,” said Shrewsbury.

CGTech Ltd will present the new capability to its extensive user base at a series of VERICUT User Exchange meetings across the UK in 2017.

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