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Another three audits passed with flying colours!

PI Castings are very proud to have passed three audits over a two week period. The investment casting specialist underwent an NDT audit from Lavender International, a supplier audit from Honeywell Aerospace and a surveillance audit from BSI. The three successful audits mean that PI Castings have maintained two of their manufacturing approvals and have had it confirmed that they are continuing to perform Non-Destructive Testing to the highest standards. 

Lavender International performed a level 3 inspection to ensure that PI Castings’ NDT department is performing to the high standards that resulted in the company being awarded their NADCAP approval.  The inspection confirmed that the NDT department at PI Castings is indeed performing at the high calibre that is required to be an aerospace approved NDT service provider.

PI Castings hold a number of customer approvals and as such are subject to periodical supplier audits that they must pass.

Supplier audits give customers a chance to inspect PI Castings’ facilities and study how they control their processes to ensure that they manufacture products to the exacting standards that conform to customer expectations.

Last week, a Materials & Process Engineer for Europe, Middle East & Africa NDT (Regional Lead) from Honeywell performed a two-day audit at PI Castings. During the audit, all of their processes were scrutinised. From order processing through to dispatch, each stage of the manufacturing process was reviewed to ensure that they meet the standards that are expected by Honeywell Aerospace. The in-depth analysis confirmed that PI Castings continue to operate exactly as an approved supplier should!

Honeywell’s Engineer left PI Castings satisfied that they are performing to the level that is expected of an aerospace foundry.

In addition to the Honeywell Aerospace audit, PI Castings were also audited by BSI in the same week. The Altrincham-based foundry successfully passed this surveillance audit. This was the last surveillance audit that PI Castings will have before they move to the new AS9100 / ISO 9001 standard in 2018. The team have already undertaken training on the new BSI standard and are prepared to make the transition in the New Year.

In their report, BSI stated that PI Castings management “demonstrated a very clear understanding of current and future customer needs, and strive to exceed customer expectations”.

As an experienced supplier to the aerospace industry, PI Castings take quality very seriously. Successful audits are the best possible validation for their quality control and procedures. The importance that they place on their quality control has resulted in PI Castings gaining numerous internationally recognised aerospace manufacturing approvals. These approvals include NADCAP welding and NDT, and AS9100 Rev C – which will soon be up issued to revision D.

These particular approvals give their customers confidence that their parts are fit for use in the aerospace industry.

For more information on PI Castings’ manufacturing approvals visit the approvals page or contact their team directly.

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