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Rapid Re-Defined!

Any company involved in the manufacture of rapid prototypes knows that regardless of the deviations in design, all rapid prototype commissions share one common characteristic; they are all needed yesterday!

As pioneers of rapid prototyping, PI Castings have great deal of experience when it comes to manufacturing prototype castings quickly.  Over the 30 years that they have been offering rapid prototyping as a standalone service, PI Castings have assisted many of their customers with product development before they finalise their designs and commit to mass production.

PI Castings’ specialised Rapid Prototyping process allows them to produce prototype investment castings that have very similar characteristics to those that they would manufacture in production. The investment casting experts have worked on refining  their casting technique over time and have perfected their prototype production planning. As such, they are able to meet the demanding lead times that are required by their customers in a cost effective manner, without compromising on quality.

A recent rapid prototype commissions that PI Castings received gave them the opportunity to demonstrate just how capable they are at manufacturing prototype castings efficiently and effectively.

One of their customers placed an order for fully machined castings to be delivered in 5 working weeks from order placement. Every manufacturing company knows that each product and each order has its own unique challenges, and this order was no exception. The customer needed 10 finished prototypes manufacturing; a quantity that is on the upper boundary of what is considered an economical batch size for rapid prototype castings. PI Castings were challenged with manufacturing the required products in the specified lead time whilst retaining economic viability.

PI Castings called upon their wealth of experience to implement and execute the most cost efficient prototyping method for this project. It required them to move away from their usual pattern production method and think outside of the box in order to satisfy the needs of their customer. Rather than printing wax thermojet patterns the team commissioned a “Quick Tool”. The team’s problem solving abilities resulted in them being able to deliver the finished castings in less than 4 weeks – a whole week ahead of schedule!

In addition to contributing to early delivery, the pattern production method that the PI Castings team opted for has also provided their customer with an economical solution for manufacturing subsequent batches of these castings.

To find out how the seasoned investment casting manufacturer achieved this in more detail, you can read a more in depth description on their website: https://pi-castings.co.uk/rapid-re-defined-rapid-prototypes/.

If you have a requirement for investment castings, contact the PI Castings team today to find out how their casting expertise can help you.

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