Lightening the load in heavy engineering.

Dormer Pramet will use EMO 2017 to emphasize its capabilities across a range of industries.

Covering maintenance departments and fabrication workshops to international suppliers for the railway, automotive and aerospace industries, Dormer Pramet’s product program is one of the widest in the market.

A particular focus at EMO 2017 (18 – 23 September) in Hannover will be the company’s offer for the heavy engineering industry.

An example of Dormer Pramet’s growing reputation in this sector is the support provided to Robert Nyblad GmbH, a manufacturer of components for the wind power industry, based in Papenburg, Germany.

Nyblad’s challenge involved a heavy duty casting application, machining a 20-tonnes cast iron rotor shaft which forms the drivetrain in conjunction with the turbines and generator.

Helmer Schoolmann, head of mechanical manufacturing at Nyblad, said: "In tests for this operation, the noise level in the hall increased so much that the machine operators on the adjacent machines were also affected - the hall was literally shaking.

“The inserts also had a short-life span. We had to regularly interrupt initial tests as it was not possible to carry out a complete pass without an insert change. The high set-up times were increasing the overall processing time, so we had to find a practical solution.”

Heinz von der Aa from industrial partner and long-standing supplier Wocken recommended using Pramet’s CNMM insert with OR chip breaker and T9315 grade. Edgar Sölbrandt, technical advisor at Dormer Pramet, was also on hand to provide additional expertise and machining advice to Nyblad.

Pramet’s T9315 is an extremely heat-resistant high-performance grade. Its layer construction makes the cutting material more stable, harder and more resistant to plastic deformation and built-up edge. Its exceptional resistance to cracking and fatigue was instantly noticeable when machining the rotor shaft.

"Even in the first tests of the Pramet insert with T9315 grade, we instantly noticed more stable cutting conditions and high chip volume," added Helmer Schoolmann. "We knew this was not a light machining operation, but we did not expect this high level of durability, especially after the initial tests we’d had with other manufacturers.”

Dormer Pramet’s Edgar Sölbrandt said: "The challenge was to achieve identical cutting parameters and low noise. The T9315 proved to be so resistant that the noise level noticeably decreased. Also, the chip volume when roughing the shaft was enormous. The raw part initially weighed 20-tonnes; the finished rotor shaft weighed only 11-tonnes. A total of 9-tonnes worth of chips!”

Dormer Pramet is now Nyblad’s preferred cutting tool provider for its heavy-duty casting application.

Its expertise in heavy engineering applications is highlighted in a new brochure, copies of which will be available on the company’s stand at EMO 2017. This includes tooling for heavy roughing (turning & milling), bar peeling, scarfing, special threading and tube chamfering.

Dormer Pramet will be in Hall 3, Stand A64 at EMO Hannover. For more information visit or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

Pictured: The steel castings machined by Nyblad using the Pramet CNMM turning insert

Pictured: Pramet CNMM turning insert with OR chip breaker 

Pictured: Edgar Sölbrandt from Dormer Pramet

Pictured: Dormer Pramet’s new metallurgy 2017 brochure


Edgart Soelbrandt CNMM Insert T9315 Grade CNMM OR

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