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UK Aerospace Offering Engineer Careers.

The UK aerospace sector has a lot to offer the engineers of the future and, with a worth of £31bn, it has been a British success story. The last seven years has seen a 19% productivity growth within the industry and, with these impressive growth figures and world-leading innovation, it offers something exciting for engineers.

With these figures, aerospace companies are looking to recruit talent to sustain this growth. Dean Group regularly produce parts for the aerospace industry and understand the positivity this will bring.

The UK’s aerospace industry is the second largest in the world, achieving exports of nearly £28bn in 2016; and, now, it is looking to build on its success with two thirds of UK aerospace companies expecting a growth of over 10% within the next few years. As the aerospace industry has an ageing workforce, Airbus is focused on hiring IT engineers, software engineers, digital developers, electronic engineers, and data scientists.

The UK aerospace industry sector employs 120,000 people in the UK whilst also supporting 118,000 jobs indirectly. Huge technical challenges are faced by the industry and so they require skilled workers to solve them, such as a move towards lowering CO2 emissions and incorporating technologies such as augmented reality systems.

However, despite aerospace boasting a strong growth, there are more challenges ahead. Big companies and the supply chain must meet demand for more advanced and efficient aircrafts that can rival competitive prices, whilst also addressing the growing competition from rivals overseas, and with the UK’s exit from the European Union, this has increased pressure and uncertainties.

The excitement of the aerospace business going through change offers opportunities for engineers to grow and learn, where they can see their responsibilities and innovation impact in the success of the business. If engineers are up for the challenge, the aerospace industry can be very rewarding with significant opportunities to innovate and transform the future of aerospace.

Dean Group International are a Manchester-based investment casting foundry with a number of years of experience in creating precision castings. Their ELITE process provides high-quality, high integrity aluminium castings to the aerospace and other industry sectors that need premium quality at competitive prices.

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