VERICUT shows FORCE at Kyocera SGS Precision Tools ‘Lunch and Launch’ event.

The developer of VERICUT CNC simulation, verification and optimisation software, CGTech officially launch its ‘physics-based’ CNC program optimisation module, VERICUT Force, in the UK with a series of nationwide seminars.

Held on 28th June, at KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools EU Tech Hub, Wokingham, the Force Roadshow half-day seminar was attended by over 20 of the leading aerospace, motorsport and medical engineering companies. Additional seminars were held at the Advanced Forming Research Centre, Scotland; Nikken, Rotherham, and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Coventry.

As part of an ongoing technical partnership between the two companies, the seminar formed one of Kyocera SGS’s ‘Lunch and Launch’ events, which have been developed to highlight potential productivity and efficiency improvements for existing customers, as well as any new businesses that might gain a competitive edge in the various global markets. Presentations of the virtual capability of FORCE were backed-up by actual cutting tests using the Grob V350 5-axis machining centre in the cutting tool company’s Technical Centre.

Force is a software module within VERICUT that uses a physics-based optimisation method to determine the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition based on four factors: force on the cutter, spindle power, maximum chip thickness, and maximum allowable feed rate. It calculates ideal feed rates by analysing tool geometry and parameters, material properties of the stock and cutting tool, detailed cutting tool edge geometry, and VERICUT cut-by-cut contact conditions.

Force excels in difficult to machine materials, and especially complex multi-axis cuts such as 5-axis flank milling. CGTech Managing Director, Tony Shrewsbury, comments: “Force is founded on the basics, it is easy to set up and really easy to use. After materials have been characterised they can also be applied to a broad range of cutters and machines in other NC machining operation.”

Initial users of this technology are already seeing productivity improvements of up to 50 per cent. Each seminar will incorporate live software demonstrations and presentations to shine the spotlight on the features and benefits of Force. Tony Shrewsbury continues “With these seminars we really wanted to demonstrate exactly what Force can do and the benefits of using it, including reduced development time, shorter cycle times, less process variation, longer machine life and improved part quality. It can also prevent tool breakage due to deflection.”

He concludes: “Like Kyocera SGS, we provide the opportunity for manufacturing companies to improve their productivity and effectiveness. Both companies share customers that form the leading technical edge in their industry sectors, which includes aerospace, motorsport, marine, oil and gas, medical, power generation, and general precision engineering. Our technical partnership allows us to work together, for mutual benefits to both partners. And, demonstrating Force at the Lunch and Launch even has certainly provoked positive feedback from the seminar attendees.”

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