Lancashire Productivity Survey 2017 sm1.

Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Enterprise Partnership would like you to help lobby for government support to SMEs in Lancashire by taking the following survey.

This research has been commissioned by the Lancashire County Council (LCC) and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to investigate ways in which businesses in Lancashire could increase productivity, thereby creating a more prosperous economy and stronger market for us all.

The questionnaire has been designed to take about 10 minutes to complete and the survey link is open until the 10th of September. You can shape the future of your business and the Lancashire economy - take part in this survey and then you can:

  • find out how to increase your organisation's productivity and who
    can help you 
  • have a unique opportunity to discover best-practice initiatives, 
    new ideas on what works at work, and how to beat the
  • receive a (free) copy of this exciting productivity research
  • be invited to attend a (free) seminar on productivity in your area. 

The more organisations that fill in the survey, the more useful and focused actions can be developed by the LCC and the LEP to help increase productivity. 

All responses are kept strictly confidential. We would advise that the survey be completed by the Manager / Owner who is mainly involved with the performance or strategy of the organisation.

To take part in the survey please click here.

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