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Dormer Pramet has expanded its Shark Line program of material specific taps with two new designs.

With its unique combination of substrate, coatings and design features, the popular application-based range offers high levels of process security and performance across a range of engineering materials.

Each tap features a color ring on the tool shank denoting material suitability, promoting quick and easy tool selection.

The latest additions are to its yellow ring range for structural, carbon and low alloy steels (E412) and its blue ring range for stainless steels (E414).

Both new taps feature a spiral flute angle of 48°. This facilitates smooth and fast chip evacuation, making them ideally suited to threading deep blind holes up to 3xD.

A special three radii profile with constant rake angle all along the flute length leads to better control of cutting properties and prevents the nest formation of chips. This, in turn, promotes increased productivity by minimizing machine downtime.

Chip evacuation is further facilitated by a back taper which reduces chipping on the last threads of the taps. This feature also reduces torque when the tap reverses, resulting in longer tool life.

Other material types covered by the Shark range include red ring for alloy steels, green ring for aluminum and white ring for cast iron. All are manufactured from a unique powder metallurgy tool steel, different to any other HSS-E-PM. This provides an unbeatable combination of toughness and edge strength.

To find out more about all new products launched in November 2017 contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.  To download a pdf of the new Shark Line brochure visit

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