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The added functionality in Q-Pulse will improve reporting & response processes for aerospace, defence and automotive organisations.

Ideagen, a leader in the global governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software industry, has announced it is expanding the capabilities of one of its flagship software products to improve non-conformance reporting and first article inspections.

Users of Ideagen’s Q-Pulse software – particularly manufacturers in the aerospace, defence and automotive industries – can now benefit from a faster manufacturing process resulting in quicker time-to-market thanks to several new enhancements.

Manufacturers carrying out first article inspections (FAI) – a key manufacturing verification process and formal method of providing part quality – can now raise a non-conformance at point of inspection, initiating appropriate remedial and preventive action workflow to a successful solution. This results in a more responsive process between Engineering, Quality and Supplier Management.

Users can also access controlled documentation at the point of need and save completed FAI reports immediately into the Q-Pulse platform.

The enhanced capability within Q-Pulse will crucially help manufacturers reduce the time it takes to carry out FAIs, decreasing delays in the overall manufacturing process and reducing associated costs.

Gordon McKeown, Ideagen’s Head of Product, said: “Process efficiency and continual improvement is so important to quality management.

“This integration enhances the automation and mistake-proofing benefits valued by our customers operating within manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace, defence and automotive industries. We believe this new functionality strengthens the Q-Pulse product immensely for users and offers them much deeper functionality for niche areas of manufacturing, such as first article inspections.

By raising non-conformances immediately at source, a valid record number is automatically generated in Q-Pulse.. This eliminates manual transcription, manual record creation and also any opportunity for error. Management are immediately notified of the fault, giving them the opportunity to rectify the issue before it has an impact on their delivery deadline. At a time when competition is fierce, this level of responsiveness is important for manufacturers working within a supply chain.

By saving and retrieving files directly from Q-Pulse there is no risk of the FAIR being edited or lost, or out of date requirements being used as the basis for the first article inspection.”

Ideagen’s Q-Pulse Product Management suite builds on Q-Pulse’s twenty-year reputation within manufacturing quality management. This part of the Q-Pulse suite targets process improvement and digitalisation in key manufacturing quality processes including FAI, PPAP, APQP and NPI.

For more information on Ideagen’s Q-Pulse Product Management software suite, visit the company’s website.

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