Mohamed Amersi has been appointed as chairman and director of QML Holdings Limited to support and assist the management team in delivering the great potential and opportunity that the QML Group has to benefit all stakeholders.

The QML Group is well placed to take advantage of the significant opportunities and value growth potential that lies ahead and to progress significantly in the post Brexit era.

 “QML Holdings is delighted to welcome Mr Mohamed Amersi as a Chairman of the board when the company is  scaling up to position as a formidable player in the global engineering supply chain.

Mr Amersi’s more than three decades of varied in-depth global business experience will not only help the company to steer through the global business uncertainties’ but will also help to shape

QML Holdings as a leading global engineering supplier through his proven leadership in for-profit, non-profit, and social ventures.

Mr Amersi’s go-getter attitude is a vital value addition to the board, which will immensely help all stakeholders of QML Holdings in the future ahead. We welcome Mr Amersi and are excited to lead the future under his Chairmanship” –

Hareesh Totiger, CEO and Co-founder, QML Holdings Limited.


About Mohamed Amersi;

Mohamed Amersi is an English businessman and philanthropist.

He is the founder & CEO of Emergent Telecom  Ventures, Founder and Chairman of the Inclusive Ventures Group, and the Founder and Chairman of the Amersi Foundation.

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