EDM Receives AS9100D Certification 2nd April 2019

EDM AS9100D Capability Statement.

AS9100D is a quality certification that is recognised worldwide and demonstrates an organisation's compliance to the highest of standards within the aviation, space and defence industries. Compliance and/or regulation to AS9100D is a common condition for doing business for many organisations in these aerospace and defence markets.

EDM Ltd already holds ISO 9001:2015. However, in response to customer demand, our Manchester facility has been AS9100D certified by NQA for the Manufacture of machined components by both manual and Computer Numerically Controlled means from ferrous, nonferrous and exotic materials and plastics in accordance with customer supplied propriety drawings, processes and procedures.


AS9100D includes all the elements of the ISO 9001 standard but has a multitude of additional requirements to meet the stringent demands of aerospace, defence and security customers, placing rigorous emphasis on end-to-end quality processes, risk management and continuous improvement. 

AS9100D is the current revision of the AS9100 certification and features important new sub-clauses that place greater scrutiny on product safety and the prevention of counterfeit parts. It also brings the underlying structure for the system in line with ISO 9001:2015.

This certification allows us to work on both aerospace and military-specific applications, and cements our position as a high-quality, trusted manufacturer within these markets. Our processes and products are of the highest quality and are fully certified.

EDM Ltd Current certification and approval portfolio.

OASIS database under registration number 6149854865.

AS9100 D Certificate Number 113725.

ISO 9001 2015 Certificate Number 004907.

JOSCAR Registration number JSAR01008634.

BAE Systems Approval Number – Register of Evaluated Suppliers (SC10)

Rolls Royce Aerospace UK Approval Number 89080.

Rolls Royce Nuclear Submarines Sector Approval Number M000166.

Chevron Aircraft approval number CTS/01/2019


EDM has a dedicated machine shop area employing only skilled time served machinists this skill base enables EDM to produce one off experimental parts to full run production batches.  To support our machine shop activity, we have dedicated programmers and a complimentary team of independent skilled inspectors. Through its subsidiary company RP Aerostructures EDM can also provide a comprehensive range of tooling and composite component solutions.


Through our machine shop dedicated support and planning team we are able to plan and load our machines to meet customer deadlines, each of our machines has a dedicated capacity plan with cross-reference capability to identify urgent manufacturing requirements when they occur.


Each machine tool and measuring device at EDM has a planned service interval and where necessary coolant and cycle carried out and recorded in a maintenance log, ensuring that accuracy and performance along with delivery schedules are maintained.

Inspection and verification

EDM ltd has experience of producing FAIR reports to AS9102 and posses the necessary software to produce ballooned drawings in support of any FAIR requirements.

To facilitate our independent inspection and quality team we have a dedicated secure inspection area housing a CMM and two FARO arms with 6ft and 4ft capacity.

As would be expected of an AS9100 / ISO 9001 organisation we have a fully functional calibration control and recall process. EDM currently has over 400 calibrated items in both metric and imperial sizes all calibrated back, where applicable to a UKAS facility.


As EDM regularly carry out defence related work our facility is secure with controlled areas, restricted to both employees and visitors. EDM is a UK Government approved List X contractor.

EDM also have a dedicated material stores with locked and restricted access to raw and customer supplied materials and buyer furnished equipment.

Mick Bonney

Director – Sales and Business Development

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