Pexa is the UK’s leading supplier of coatings and surface treatment products to aerospace and other high-tech engineering markets. “We are thrilled to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the first time”, says Jim Rowbotham, founder and Managing Director. “HRH The Duke of York was kind enough to declare our new premises open when we moved here a couple of years ago. He suggested we try for the award and, encouraged by that, we did. Thanks to him for giving us a push in this direction”.

Pexa began in 2002 as a business based on specialist know-how in aerospace coatings and establishing a unique position in the market, genuinely working with its supplier partners to develop strategies for commercialising, delivering and technically supporting their products. Pexa’s customers are high-tech engineering companies; manufacturing and maintaining aircraft & defence equipment, energy infrastructure and electronics.  Our key products are surface treatments, paints and NDT products. They have very high-performance properties but are also subject to chemical regulations and are hazardous for shipping. These are important challenges when supplying them internationally and Pexa’s team is the best in the World at managing these issues and ensuring that our customer’s projects are delivered on time.

We now have more than a thousand customers in over forty countries and we are providing products and services for major projects such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350XWB and the F-35 Lightning II amongst many others. This award is for our growth in International markets of over 70% in the last 3 years. In that time, we have opened new offices and outlets in Spain, southern France, North Africa and India. Apart from growing our business, that has introduced us to many new friends and experiences that make international trade such a pleasure. We have adapted our offer to match different regional needs and established offices with teams recruited in the regions they serve.

“This award is really due to a shared effort from our own team who’s know-how and energy have made the company a success, as well as our supplier partners who have supported us throughout and, of course, our customers and their faith in us which we try to repay every day”.

We have great plans for the future and increasing internationalisation is an important part of them. The aerospace industry will continue to grow globally, our UK roots give us a great knowledge base and experience which helps us to serve our customers very well. We now have the platform on which to build our offer around the World.

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