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No matter the size of your business we all want the right person for the right job, but how do you attract the candidates to apply? How do you know if there is someone suited to the position you are offering within your grasp?  We can all find out by investing our time, patience and money. But what if there was one place where the future talent of the industry was available, accessible, and actively looking to be engaged with?

Engineering Talent is the new online platform specifically designed by Semta for those wanting to be a part of the Engineering and Manufacturing industries. It is a tool to retain and train the brightest stars for the workforce and for the UK Economy.

Semta is working with NWAA to pilot the new Engineering Talent portal as a tool to match the oversupply of applicants to the Apprenticeship schemes for the larger employers with other companies who are looking to recruit Apprentices.

Fully accessed online through any device, you can search relevant candidates within your own parameters that you are able to set, from location to qualifications earned; there are multiple ways of refining your search.

See the profiles that match your criteria and download their CVs and even message them to see if they would be interested in applying for a position. Engineering Talent is a smart search of skills, it is not blanket advertisement.

As part of the pilot Semta is offering NWAA members the chance to recruit for 2 apprenticeship vacancies free of charge. Just click HERE to register and use your code ET2019 to start looking at what talent in engineering is inside Engineering Talent.

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