Themis Apprentices mean Business: that’s the message that Employers in all sectors across the North West are recognising.

And there has never been a better time to recruit a Themis Apprentice to your workforce - whether you’re a small, medium or large Employer - with our motivated, conscientious and ambitious candidates ready to take the first step on the career ladder right now.

Here are five ways a Themis Apprentice can benefit your business:

  1. Skills and knowledge: Themis Apprentices have the very latest industry skills and knowledge to bring to your business, filling any skills gaps you may have and helping to future proof your business.
  2. The Bottom Line: As an Employer you will receive funding for each Apprentice you recruit, leading to savings in staff recruitment.
  3. Fresh Insight: Themis Apprentices are innovative and dedicated, bring new ideas and perspectives into your workplace, energising your existing employees with their positivity and commitment to succeed.
  4. Time Savings:  Themis Apprentices are enthusiastic and keen to take on any challenge. They relish the opportunity to take ownership of projects and tasks, increasing productivity.
  5. Staff Retention and Loyalty: Themis Apprentices are committed to their industry training and career development, providing you with the loyal employee who is invested in your business and its goals.

Paul Sharples, Themis Business Solutions Manager, said:

“Themis Apprentices mean Business. Whatever the size of your business, whatever sector you operate in, a Themis Apprentice can help you take your business to the next level.

“Each Themis Apprentice completes our effective Themis Guarantee programme, ensuring they have the communication skills, industry knowledge and commitment needed to hit the ground running in your business and start making an immediate impact.”

Talk to the Themis team about your immediate and long-term vacancies in

Engineering | Construction Trades | Business Administration and Management | Digital | Pharmacy | Science Laboratory | Sport and Leisure Sector | Children and Young People’s Workforce.

Contact 01282 733005 or email and discover how a Themis Apprentice can help transform your business right now.



Paul Sharples, Themis Business Solutions Manager

Paul Sharples


Notes to Editor

Themis is the Apprenticeship and business training division of Burnley College. It is one of the largest apprenticeship providers in Lancashire, with over 1,200 Apprentices working towards qualifications in over 50 industry areas.

Themis has implemented a tailored approach to apprenticeships and business training, providing greater flexibility in its programmes and expanding opportunities to help meet the ever-changing demands of the workplace.

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