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Developed as an intermediate step between the WTX-UNI and WTX-Quattro 4F pilot drills and the WTX High Performance Deep Hole drills in the WNT range, the new WTX Co-Pilot solid carbide drills enhance the machining of holes up to 50xD by piloting to as much as 20xD. 

By using these intermediate length WTX Co-Pilot drills after an initial 3xD pilot hole has been created the ideal conditions are generated to follow up with the WTX High Performance drills to depths of up to 50xD. To ensure correct point alignment with the following deep hole drill the point angle geometry of the WTX Co-Pilot drills has been set at 137 degrees with either four or six facets, which is 3 degrees less than the pilot drill and 2 degrees greater than the WTX deep hole drills. The WTX Co-Pilot drills are also tolerance to j6 in order to create the correct sized pilot hole to provide clearance for the following deep hole WTX drills which are tolerance at h7 and fg6.

The productivity gains generated by use of the WTX Co-Pilot drills are centred around the elimination of the need to peck for holes up to 20xD for the Co-Pilot drills and no requirement for pecking at up to 50xD when followed up with the WTX deep hole drill. Process security is also enhanced along with enhanced tool life. The WTX Co-Pilot drills are available in a range of diameters between 3mm and 9mm and are suitable for materials in the P, M and K categories for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.


The WTX Co-Pilot drill aids productivity when drilling deep holes.


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