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Team Cutting Tools from CERATIZIT has its latest UP2DATE publication containing 122 pages of the latest cutting tool developments from the CERATIZIT Group. The latest UP2DATE focusses on brand new developments and upgrades with indexable inserts from Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT and rotary tools and workholding from WNT, two of the Team Cutting Tools product brands.

Key among the many innovations announced in UP2Date is the new CTPX710 multi-purpose insert grade from CERATIZIT. With the latest Dragonskin coating and carbide substrate this new grade delivers outstanding performance when machining stainless steel and super alloys, but also across many other applications including non-ferrous materials. The result is that for customers only one grade of insert now covers virtually every application that they may come across, saving cost and inventory, while also simplifying the selection process for operators.

From WNT there is a wide variety of new products announced, including the full revamp of extremely popular SilverLine range of solid carbide milling cutters. With such a popular range as SilverLine great care has been taken to ensure users see a marked improvement over the previous cutters. The result is typically 50 per cent greater tool life in terms of metres of cut and 30 per cent increase in process security. Several changes to the cutters are behind these increases, including updated Dragonskin coating, optimised core geometry and improved chip clearance.

The MultiLock exchangeable head milling system is also brand new, providing significant advantages compared to solid carbide milling cutters when used in machining applications such as aerofoils and mould and die, where long overhangs are common. The requirement for less carbide to be used in MultiLock cutters, along with developments in sintering technology that eliminates the need for grinding of the cutting edges, means cost are lower and the environmental impact is reduced due to less raw material required in their manufacture.    

To discover the full range of products updated by Team Cutting Tools you can request your copy of UP2DATE by e-mail at info.uk@ceratizit.com, phone on 114 242 8820 or, speak to your local Team Cutting Tools sales contact.


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