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Optima 3D, the UK based 3D weaving machine manufacturer, today announced the launch
of its VIP Weave Demonstration event to showcase their Optima Series 500 3D weaving

Optima 3D has designed and developed this range of “next generation” weaving machines,
for the rapidly developing 3D composite engineering market, and are holding a VIP weave demonstration during the last week in February 2020 at their facilities in Huddersfield, United Kingdom to showcase the machines capabilities.

Any parties interested in attending the event can contact Optima directly at

The Series 500 range offers many advanced features over conventional offerings particularly in versatility, operation and control. This has been achieved by the comprehensive use of digital control systems allowing rapid parameter and sequence changes coupled with an innovative shuttle system*.

Optima 3D machines feature innovative technology, and offer exceptional versatility,
capable of producing high quality woven net shapes, billets & para beams for composite
applications, allowing use of the highly durable composite products in several engineering
sectors including aerospace, military, bio-medical and automotive.

Powered & controlled by cutting edge digital technology, each machine allows automatic
control plus touch screen management of all machine settings also enabling pattern and
machine data to be stored and printed, vital for industry accreditation regarding quality
assurance and safety regulations.

The Optima approach allows users a greater flexibility in their component design than ever
before, making the Series 500 suitable for both production and R&D purposes. The compact
Optima design allow a complete 3D weaving system to be easily installed; equally, it’s
extremely competitive price now makes a complete R&D 3D weaving system significantly
more attainable.

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*Patent Pending

For further information please contact:
Vicky Stewart | +44 (0) 1484 937333 | press@optima3d.co.uk |
Stephen Cooper | +44 (0) 1484 93733 | technical@optima3d.co.uk |
Optima 3D Ltd Royd Street Mills, Royd Street, Longwood, Huddersfield HD3 4QY.

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