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NW aerospace sector highlighted during ministerial visit Representatives of the North West aerospace sector meet with the Czech Republic Minister of Foreign Affairs to highlight the strength of the region.

Sharon McDonald, NWAA Chief Executive, briefed Tomáš Petříček on the capabilities and opportunities for cooperation in the aerospace sector.

Sharon was able to highlight the corridor of aerospace businesses that stretches across Lancashire, the support available from the ‘Aerospace Lancashire’ partnership, in addition to the sector’s wider, significant regional presence.

Like the NW of England, the Czech Republic has a strong heritage of aircraft manufacture. It produces a wide range of whole commuter and general aviation propeller driven aircraft and systems.

NWAA is a partner with five other regional aerospace partners across Europe to help connect collaborative and innovation-minded SMEs in an EU supported programme.

The programme is part of the wider European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) and is known as the EACP-EuroSME and continues through to October 2020.

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