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Themis at Burnley College has been utilising the expertise of its staff; its high-tech resources and its central role within the community to join the national effort to protect our NHS, support businesses and save lives in these unprecedented times brought on by Covid-19.

Since the virus led to the College switching to its established remote teaching and learning protocol in March, Tutors, Trainers and Support Staff have ensured all Themis Apprentices (including Higher Level and Degree Apprentices) have the resources and guidance needed to achieve their career goals and maintain their mental health and wellbeing, while staying safe at home or playing a vital role in their employer’s business.

Themis has also been proactive in sharing its expertise and industry-experience with the wider business community, playing a vital role in ensuring Employers have the skills and knowledge needed in these turbulent times and strategies in place to trade within a changed business landscape going forward.

Director of Themis Neil Burrows said

“These are uniquely challenging times for the Apprentices and Employers with whom we work so closely but I want to assure each and every one of you that we are beside you every step of the way and will use our expertise, our commitment and our innovation to support you in whatever way we can.

“It as at moments like these that we must, as a training provider, step forward and play our part. We have joined the battle against Covid-19 – both practically and through our industry expertise – and will work tirelessly for those who need us, for however long it takes.

“As a director of Themis, I’m proud of what we’ve already achieved to support the local NHS effort in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and the advice, guidance and support we’ve already given to both Themis Apprentices and Employers but I recognise there is still more to do. We are working constantly to monitor the latest Government and economic announcements and tailoring our provision and support accordingly to ensure every Themis Apprentice, every Apprenticeship applicant and every Employer has the information, skills, knowledge and support they need now – and in future.”

To date, Themis has, for its Apprentices (including those furloughed by their Employers due to Covid-19):

•             Switched to remote learning/training, using digital resources to ensure every      Themis Apprentice is still making progress towards their career goals

•             Maintained vital one-to-one contact with Tutors and Trainers, allowing Themis Apprentices to access individualised support in their chosen industry specialism

•             Provided additional online activities and workshops for Themis Apprentices to access, to improve team working, resilience and communication skills as well as fun activities

•             Provided a comprehensive support package to ensure Themis Apprentices have access to mental health and wellbeing advice and guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For Employers, Themis has:

•             Provided a significant number of protective masks for the NHS: created using the design and technical skills of Engineering Tutors with Burnley College’s 3D printers

•             Donated extensive stocks of first-aid and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the NHS

•             Shared its expertise with local businesses: including IT support and specialisms in remote working practice, mental health and wellbeing and health and safety

•             Offered free, remote training to ensure employers have the specific skills and knowledge needed at this time.

Neil Burrows added:

“This is an especially worrying time for those who are considering a Themis Apprenticeship or those individuals who have started their applications. Let me personally assure you, we consider you a member of our close-knit Themis family already and we will not leave you behind – we are in this together. We are actively working, using all our expertise and experience, to ensure that your future will not be defined by Covid-19.

“We are studying closely how we can adapt the curriculum and put measures in place for you to start your Themis journey to career success as soon as possible, once the Government starts to lift restrictions. Your resilience, your commitment and your motivation – all the character traits that make a successful Themis Apprentice – will serve you well at this time and ensure you are in the best possible position going forward to make an impact in your chosen industry. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can offer you any support whatsoever at this time.”

Employers wishing to access free support, advice and guidance from Themis at this time – whatever industry/sector, whatever size of business – contact or call 01282 733005. Themis Apprentices and those keen to apply for a Themis Apprenticeship should contact us via or call 01282 733005.




Notes to Editor

Themis is the Apprenticeship and business training division of Burnley College. It is one of the largest apprenticeship providers in Lancashire, with over 1200 apprentices working towards qualifications in over 50 industry areas.

Themis has implemented a tailored approach to apprenticeships and business training, providing greater flexibility in its programmes and expanding opportunities to help met the ever-changing demands of the workplace.

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