Firstly, we hope that you and your family are safe and that your business is managing to adapt to the current situation. A reminder that UK Govt support measures are detailed here

While the UK Govt Aerospace Team continues to engage with the UK Supply Chain to offer advice and support through this difficult time, we have also been looking to the future and ensuring the pipeline of export opportunities is maintained in what will probably be a more globally competitive landscape as we come out of the current restrictions. Despite postponement and cancelation of several of our scheduled events, we are undertaking multiple initiatives to maintain the momentum with our international trade campaigns and still pursuing missions for the fourth quarter of this year.  In the meantime, we are engaging several customers to propose Virtual Conferences that will enable UK suppliers to present their offerings to engineers and procurement agents.  After we have responses from the relevant customer organisations willing to host Virtual Conferences, we will contact you again to develop a coordinated supplier selection process.  

Campaigns in motion:

  • Crane Aerospace & Electronics (USA): Their Engineering leadership team have committed to a technology-focused Virtual Conference.  More details in the near future.
  • GE Aviation (USA): We’ve rescheduled their UK Supplier Showcase in Cincinnati for 22 Sept.  GE have made their selection of invitees from the Capability Brochure submission and we are in the process of informing the UK companies if they have been successful or not.
  • Boeing (USA): Defence, Space and Commercial event scheduled for 13/14 Oct in Los Angeles with an associated UK Govt half-day conference
  • Bombardier (Canada): Their mechanical & electrical procurement lead has given us their capability wish list, so we will include instructions to submit applications
  • De Havilland (Canada): In agreement with De Havilland we launched this on 6 April but without a firm date at this time. The response deadline is 15th Apr so please contact us asap if you wish to be included in the UK Capability Brochure
  • Safran Electrical & Power: UK Technology and capability mission, discussions have started again and we plan to deliver later this year
  • Safran Landing Systems: UK Technology and capability mission, same approach as Electrical & Power (Velizy, Paris 4th Qtr/1st Qtr 2020/2021)

Looking ahead:

  • Honeywell (USA): Now targeting late 2020 or early 2021.
  • Raytheon Technologies (USA): We will propose a mission after the UTC/Raytheon merger is completed.
  • Safran Aircraft Engines: UK Technology and capability mission, early discussions, this mission will be in Courcouronnes, France, probably early 2021 now
  • Thales: Early discussions with Thales senior procurement officials to host a UK Technology and capability mission either late 2020 or early 2021 in Velizy, Paris
  • Dassault: Early discussions with Dassault senior procurement officials to host a UK Technology and capability mission in early 2021 in Merignac or Toulouse

We will keep you updated on the progress of these missions.

Alan Fisher, Bill Peterson, Chris Gane| Business Specialists | Aerospace |
Department for International Trade| 55 Whitehall| London SW1A 2EY |

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