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At RoamingExpert we are supporting our fellow NWAA members, with a variety of mobile voice & data solutions. With so much uncertainty at present, mobile connectivity, cost savings and flexibility are more important than ever.

Over the past month, we have seen mobile phone usage change significantly. As many users are working from home and cannot travel, we have seen mobile data increase by 25-30% and people are making a lot more international calls. These are the two main areas we are currently focusing on.

  • International calls

By understanding your requirements, we are able to offer international calls up to 20 times cheaper than standard network rates.

  • Mobile Data

We can offer large shared data bundles or unlimited plans for some heavy users. We also set usage alerts to ensure users don’t exceed their allowance. In addition, we can supply separate MiFi devices or 4G routers to ensure connectivity whilst users are working from home.

All plans available on Vodafone, O2, or EE or a combination of networks, on a 30-day rolling basis.

Our approach of continually monitoring usage will also ensure that when business returns to normal, and users start to travel again, we will ensure you are on the best tariff and network for the unique requirements of your business.

As a special offer to NWAA members we are offering the first months’ line rental free of charge for all users. This will include unlimited UK calls and the required amount of UK data.

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