The National Composites Centre is a world-class Research Centre, where companies of any size and across industry sectors, can access cutting-edge technology and specialist engineers, to drive innovation in the design and manufacture of composites.

"We are industry's research and development partner. When companies need to make things lighter, stronger, smarter and more sustainable they come to the NCC.

With access to 'beyond' state-of-the-art technology and the best composites engineering capabilities in the world, we help our customers solve the most complex engineering challenges of our time."

The NCC are a ‘not for profit’, partially government funded organisation, for composite innovation & technologies, we ‘do not’ take work off of standard market place manufacturers, but are here to help customers expand further into the composites market place & new technologies.

The ‘Connect’ Dept is a ‘Rapid Response’ team set up to work smarter and faster to help give quicker support to the needs of SME’s.

We are also part of the UK Catapult Scheme & can access funding via a boost programme where we can match fund up to £25K total to help clients advance further in to composite technologies.

We also have a full programme of composite training courses, which can be held on site at either the NCC, or at customer facilities etc.

For further help or advice, please contact: Graham Jones – 07393 015 686 –

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