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NWAA member, MSP, is committed to improving production processes for manufacturers. The company provides solutions for every stage of the production process; from CAD design, to fixturing solutions, to part setup through to final inspection to ensure manufacturers produce 100% accurate parts, every time.

Recently, MSP has adapted to help customers remotely and in the following videos, two of MSP’s Applications Engineers give examples of how they supported customers remotely, enabling them to either continue production or start the production of new parts.

In the first video, Stefan Hafner, explains how the engineering team have been supporting customers remotely during COVID-19 in various ways, such as:

- Creating new part programs

- Writing probing programs

- Providing Benchmark Report support

- Answering any part programming questions

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In the second video, Amanda Tait, describes how she helped a customer interpret their MSP Benchmark Report results during a 20 minute phone call and save them £20,000 in:

- Machine downtime

- Lost production

- Lengthy waits for a maintenance visit

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If you think MSP could solve your production issues or help you achieve a higher level of productivity, get in touch with their team here: https://mspltd.com/get-in-touch

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