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Markwell Trading Services Ltd, MTS are delighted to have joined NWAA and look forward to meeting and working with the membership many of whom we know from our 36 years in the industry.

For our first post we’d like to introduce MoovinV. MoovinV is a new ecommerce platform for sellers and buyers of surplus raw materials, the name itself comes from “Move Inventory”. The platform has been set up by Jacques Ouellet, Denis Parisien (both ex Bombardier) and Jean Guilbault (ex RR)  who recognised that Current Situation in the industry with respect to raw materials is:

Difficulties in supplying certified alloys: titanium, nickel-based and proprietary specs e.g. Aermet 100;

Large minimum order requirements and extremely long lead times;

European manufacturers finding it very hard to procure North American-approved products and vice-versa;

Millions $ in hidden surplus material inventories for which there are only very limited ways to liquidate, and which return only a small percentage of the value.

The platform connects all Industry stakeholders to a simple web-based marketplace, dedicated exclusively to certified raw materials. It is simple to use and provides companies with surplus stock of raw materials the opportunityto realise value from them which many of our users find attractive in these difficult times. Further it is a source of hard to find materials for purchasers.

Please contact us or MoovinV directly for more information.


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