21 730 Ceratizit UK Ireland Up2date Exchangeable Head Boring Bars MR

Pictured Above: The basis for optimised machining with the vibration-damped boring bars is the newly developed modular exchangeable head system from CERATIZIT. It includes eight different exchangeable heads. Figure: CERATIZIT

The machining specialists from CERATIZIT Team Cutting Tools are once again demonstrating their skills as process optimisers. The new Up2Date Catalogue, published in January 2021, highlights a host of new or enhanced tooling solutions, That will increase productivity in manufacturing businesses.

For example, the new vibration-damped boring bars. These boring bars, together with the flexibility of the brand-new exchangeable head system, guarantee top quality at a low price. Uncontrolled vibrations can result in scrap components and reduced efficiency. But where long tool overhangs are essential these new vibration-damped boring bars provide a solution. The usual method of reducing vibration is to decrease cutting data, but this is only a temporary solution. The CERATIZIT solution with dampened bars and exchangeable heads effectively minimise vibrations, allowing elevated cutting data to be used.

Another highlight in the new Up2Date catalogue is the new version of the CERATIZIT hydraulic chuck is now available with VDI and cylindrical shank connection meaning it can be used in turning and milling centre applications. This latest addition to CERATIZIT’s portfolio is the ideal solution for precision clamping boring bars with a shank tolerance of h7 or, when high vibration damping and repeatability are required.

CERATIZIT is also introducing another innovation in the form of a short version of the well-known Fullmax solid carbide reamer. The reamer boasts outstanding cutting performance on a wide range of materials, even toughened steels up to HRC62. The short version of the universal Fullmax is even more stable in its application, enabling higher cutting speeds. It also impresses with its long service life and is more attractively priced for short hole depths than the long version.

For workpiece clamping, CERATIZIT presents a new, efficient, and high-precision clamping system for machining centres: The WNT X5G-Z five-axis clamping system. Its key feature is the optimised accessibility from all sides, which enables five- and even six-axis machining. The five-axis clamp is also extremely easy to use and significantly reduces set-up time.

The innovations within the new Up2Date catalogue ensures machining companies continue to equipped to improve their processes by achieving more economical machining. More details can be found at cuttingtools.ceratizit.com.

21 730 Ceratizit UK Ireland Up2date Hydraulic Chuck VDI Cylindrical Shank MR

Pictured Above: Get to grips and create optimal surfaces: The new hydraulic chuck with VDI and cylindrical shank interface from CERATIZIT is the optimal solution wherever narrow tolerances and repeatabilities of 3 µm are required. Figure: CERATIZIT

21 730 Ceratizit UK Ireland Up2date Fullmax Short Reamer MR

Pictured Above: The universal Fullmax short solid carbide reamer from CERATIZIT offers excellent stability, resulting in optimal reliability, precision and process security. Figure: CERATIZIT

21 730 Ceratizit UK Ireland Up2date X5G Z 5 Axis Vice MR

Pictured Above: The WNT X5G-Z five-axis clamping system enables five- and even six-axis machining thanks to its optimised accessibility.

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