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QUALITY BEARINGS ONLINE, UK based international exporter, features amongst top companies like FORD UK and Jaguar Land Rover in the 101 Best & Fastest Growing Mechanical Engineering Companies and Start Ups In The UK by Welp Magazine. 2020 contained the company’s best quarter ever! QBOL’s average order value increased by 25% and the daily average turnover is already back at pre-pandemic levels.

The company advanced with their growth plans in 2020 despite it being a challenging year with COVID-19. They renovated their office space into a more modern and spacious office for their team, transforming their old and outdated working environment into a place suitable for collaborative working with new technology. It was additionally important to provide space for the team to get away from their screens during their breaks which was the primary focus of the breakout area, designed to be sectioned away from the main office.

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Furthermore, their continuous growth was highlighted from Insider Media Limited which featured QBOL in Yorkshire’s news story on how Quality Bearings Online Benefit From Growth Programme Support through the Leeds Enterprise Partnership (LEP) in the Strategic Business Growth Programme. The directors of QBOL commented and expressed their concerns over uncertainty within the market during the pandemic and how they managed to still grow surprisingly well during the lockdowns. With this support, they managed to continue to operate their Distribution Hub by making it COVID safe for their team to work in. This allowed the company to continue providing their services and supplies to customers worldwide.

This year the team at QBOL are continuing to deliver excellence abiding by their company slogan “Keeping The World Turning” by continuing to supply their goods to the Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Medical Industries and more, helping their customers all over the world to continue operating during these times where change is inevitable.


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