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NWAA are excited to announce from 25th Feb it will be offering its members virtual networking opportunities after each webinar session.

The virtual networking will be run through a platform called AirMeet. Delegates will easily be able to see who is in the virtual lounge and request to join and network at different tables with delegates of their choice. There will be a number of tables set up including; speaker tables, sponsor tables and general networking tables and 1-2-1 meeting areas.

We hope that the virtual networking platform creates greater interaction and opportunities for members until such time we can host physical events.

Below is a picture of what the virtual lounge and networking tables will look like.


We are excited to roll this out to the membership and will be hosting our first virtual networking session after the webinar with Clive Lewis from Achieving the Difference on Thursday 25th February @13:30 on ‘Aerospace Recovery and Opportunity for the year ahead’.

If you are interested in finding out more about the virtual networking session, please contact me via email or register on to the webinar on the 25th and you will be sent the joining instructions for both the webinar and AirMeet. Click here to book on.

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