Redthorn has launched an update to its MRP software considering the UK government’s Brexit deal with the European Union (EU).

The Brexit transition period officially ended on December 31st 2020, meaning that British companies must now meet various new trading regulations stated by the UK’s deal with the EU. As a result, there are legal changes that businesses and its providers must be aware of and comply with; for their service delivery to EU-based partners to continue, whether they be new programmes or pre-existing projects.

This includes Redthorn’s own MRP software, which is why we have provided this new 12c update to our online programme, and numerous modifications to the software to be Brexit-compliant. Amongst these changes are the addition of a Package Info menu which requires distributors to list the package dimensions, the net weight, the gross weight, and the gross unit of any products. These elements can also be added later to the delivery note via the MRP software should you forget to list them initially.

The interface for providing an invoice has now also changed with our software update. You can now include the method of shipment and the commodity code, which is crucial when it comes to the authorised importing and exporting of goods between the UK and recipients within EU states. Again, the software now allows you to amend the printed invoice with these entries should they be missing upon initial completion of the invoice.

There are other enhancements to our MRP software via the latest update. They consist of a new “Additional Information” type field with a check box to print an invoice on the customer account screen; a listing of the delivered quantity of a particular product to the Package Info screen; and also the fixing of various bugs which had impacted the performance of the MRP software as noted previously by clients.

We should note that customers who use our cloud services to access Redthorn’s MRP software should have had the new update applied on 17th January and have nothing more to do. This update has been provided to all current 12c users free of charge. If you were unable to apply your update, or if you don’t use the cloud option and you wish to download it, you can receive a download link with instructions by emailing us at

The UK’s Brexit deal with the EU will bring about many changes in the months and years to come, so it’s vital for businesses to keep on top of new legal regulations as and when they come. Redthorn is playing its part in keeping clients up-to-date with necessary adjustments in service delivery, and we will continue to do so in the future. And our MRP software will continue to reflect this by offering further updates accordingly.

If you want to know more about Redthorn’s MRP software, or any of our other services, you can find this information by heading to our website, which is

12C System Update 1


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