Dormer Pramet Web Apps

A digital milestone following the merger of Dormer and Pramet has been reached this month (February) with the launch of a new corporate website, along with updates to its social media accounts and several new interactive apps.


The website,, brings both previous company sites together into one location to feature all relevant information on Dormer’s rotary programme and Pramet’s indexable tooling ranges.


Dario Furlato, project leader, said: "We have a long standing reputation for providing information and sharing knowledge in a very quick, simple and flexible way. This includes printed material such as catalogues and technical handbooks, as well as digital services, including tool selection software and apps.


“Our new website is a further example of this. It will host detailed information on our complete product range of round tools and inserts in a very comprehensive and user friendly platform. 


"Dormer's rotary product programme is available to view through a dynamic search function, which uses a series of drop-down boxes to make tool selection a straight-forward and pain-free process. This popular feature will also be replicated for the Pramet indexable range in the second quarter of the year.


“This website is a major step forward following the merger of Dormer and Pramet last year. It epitomises our ‘joined-up thinking’ approach.” 


The new site is available to view in 15 languages.


In addition, Dormer Pramet has launched a series of free digital apps featuring both rotary and indexable product ranges.


The apps offer access to product information, publications and technical support services in an easily accessible online format. All the apps are free to download for iOS devices on iTunes and on Android devices via Google Play, with each designed to run on both smartphones and tablets.


Included is Dormer’s new Tool Box app, which is an update to its Thread size Calculator and includes a range of additional accessories to support general office or workshop tasks. New features include a spirit level, decibel meter, dimension converter and multiple language options in addition to an improved thread size calculator.


To find the rotary related apps search for ‘Dormer’ and to find the indexable focussed apps search for ‘Pramet.’


Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has updated its social media accounts to reflect the changes following the merger. The company’s profile includes changes to Facebook ( and Twitter (@DormerPramet), with a new corporate YouTube channel being launched too. 


Information on social media includes product videos, photos, company updates and weekly machining tips, which provides advice and guidance on a range of tooling applications.



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