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The aim of this robust assessment and benchmarking supply chain initiative of the Commodity Groups is to provide all the participating companies with a Tool Set aimed at supporting the collaborative theme developed under the ASCE2 programme, which would enable them to identify where they are in relation to the core processes of Composites, Design & Engineering, Machining and Process Treatments, and to identify their improvement targets to elevate their position towards a World Class status, and thereby increasing their collective and individual competitiveness.

The composition of the ASCE2 Learner to World Class model has been founded on the successful ASCE1 “5 Step – Learner to World Class”, the primary difference being that the ASCE 2 L2WC foundation processes are written around the process content of the Commodity Group manufacturing capabilities.

Each of the models created for Composites, Design & Engineering, Machining and Process Treatments where designed and composed by the representatives of each Commodity Group member company, prime and academia representation.

The ASCE2 Learner to World Class Model was officially launched in April 2012. An experienced aerospace team of consultants have been contracted to provide support to each of the companies who wished to engage with the L2WC Model process. The aim of the mentors was to provide guidance, expertise and additional resources needed to engage with the 8-Step process, which enabled companies to follow the individual steps required to reach a Self-Assessment and finally to present their company A3 Improvement Plan to a Steering Group Review containing Procurement Professionals from the Primes and NWAA representatives.

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