George Metcalf - Aircelle

"George is a hardworking and conscientious individual, who has demonstrated throughout his time as an apprentice, a high level of competency. He is a likeable individual with a resevered manner, a pleasant disposition and a good work ethic"

Irfan 2  

Ifran Khan - Aircelle

"Ifran is a very likeable and conscientious individual, he has a calm and reserved manner, does everything asked of him and gives no one he works for any issues or problems what so ever"

Thomas M  

Thomas Marchant - BAE Systems

"As well as successfully completing his NVQ and achieving awards for being one of the most successful apprentices within reviews, he has worked hard to achieve excellent grades, achieving 5 Distinctions , 4 Merits & 3 Passes in his National Certificate"

Thomas S  

Thomas Sofield - BAE Systems

"Thomas has clearly developed a pride in working for BAE Systems. As a part of his apprenticeship he volunteered as a BAE Systems Education Ambassador and took part in events aimed at educating secondary school students under the STEM initiative"

Thomas W

Runner  UP:  Thomas Worswick - BAE Systems

"He has been noticed by many for the high standard of work he completes and for the dedication to his learning that he has shown daily in all of his placements"


Winner: Graham  Slinger - BAE Systems

"Graham has always demonstrated an enthusiastic work ethic, working extremely hard to perform at the best of his ability. In addition, he has also been asked to get involved in extra-curricular activities that benefit the company's reputation".


Callum Edge - Magellon Aerospace

"Callum has been at  Magellon for 3 years now, and in that time has proved to be a model Apprentice. It was evident from day one that Callum had the ability and attitude to excell at Magellon"


Rhys Hart - Magellon Aerospace

"Rhys is a pleasure to have on our team here at Magellon. He accepts responsibility and has had a positive attitude every single day he comes to work"


Amy Owen - MBDA Missile Systems

"Amy is very sharp and a very keen Apprentice to come through the department, grasping concepts very quickly to ask intelligent questions and then put the theory into practice with minimum assistance"

 Heather Peach  

Heather Peach - MBDA Missile Systems

"Heather is very adaptable and successfully completed many different types of work within the department: she integrated well with the test-engineering team and has become a valuable team member. She is very capable and motivated and currently has her own design projects"

 Jack Paradigm  

Jack McNamara - Paradigm Precision

"Throughout his time with us as an apprentice Jack has been enthusiastic, punctual and hardworking. He has shown commitment and passion for engineering"


Luke McKinley - Ronaldsway Aircraft Company Ltd

"Luke is very focused and keen to learn as many aerospace manufacturing skills as he can from the skilled manufacturing engineers in our business. These qualities have earned him the respect of all employees in the company as they all know him as a hard working enthusiastic apprentice that is an asset to the department he is in"

Jack IOM  

Jack Hunter - Swagelok Ltd

"He has proved himself to be an exceptional apprentice, excelling in many areas and being notable for 'thinking outside the box'"



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