2015 Candidates

Good luck to all our shortlisted finalists for the 2015 awards!


151217 Aiva Melngaile 2

Aiva Melngaile – Safran Aircelle

“Aiva has now completed her training and has been awarded with a First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is now embarking on her career as a Stress Engineer with one of Aircelle’s Engineering teams working on a new Thrust Reverser design. We sincerely believe that Aiva’s drive, focus, work ethic and capabilities truly warrant our nomination for this award.”

Runner Up

151221 Megan Wilcock 5

Megan Wilcock – Rolls Royce

“Megan’s main strength is the image she has set, for other potential female engineers to follow. She has been heavily involved in the Rolls-Royce programme, attracting females into the Company and into Engineering. Megan has attended outward bound programmes, School design and Technology lessons and projects, with Skipton Girls High School, portraying herself and Rolls- Royce to exceptional standard.”

One To Watch

151217 Jack Stezaker 3

Jack Stezaker – BAE Systems

“Jack has consistently received positive feedback from all managers, supervisors and team members, to the extent that one of the business placements has already offered him a final job role.”

Innovation Award

Alex Todd 3

Alex Todd - Paradigm Precision

“Alex’s contribution not only to her own apprenticeship, but to other apprentices within the academy here has been outstanding. Alex is seen as the ‘go-to’ person by the other apprentices and ensures that she coaches develops and leads wherever possible. Alex has already completed the majority of her apprenticeship within 2.5 years at distinction level and has been told that she will pass her advanced levels with distinction.”

Highly Commended

151221 C Eccles 5

Craig Eccles - Paradigm Precision

“Craig is a valued member not only of the apprenticeship team but also of the teams on the shop floor. Craig’s passion and enthusiasm for learning within engineering is contagious as he manages to engage time served people that are struggling with tasks on the shop floor with his creativity and passion for change on a variety of projects he has been given.”

Highly Commended

151217 Alex Heywood 3

Alex Heywood – MBDA Missile Systems

“Alex has shown both creativity and innovation in exploring new technologies and concepts to produce appropriate and well regarded solutions. He as shown an amazing get up and go during those times and is a credit to himself, family and the company.”

Highly Commended

151221 Phillip Whiteside 4


Phillip Whiteside – Rolls Royce

“Phillip has shown himself to be a mature, polite and hardworking. Phillip is very reliable with a can do attitude. He is adept at making decisions based on sound reasoning. Phillip thinks before speaking, and is always mindful of the opinions of others.”

Highly Commended

151217 Laura Hall 3


Laura Hall – BAE Systems

“Laura has received high praise throughout her FE and the 9 distinctions and 3 merits she received for her Nat. Diploma and the 3 distinctions, 3 merits and 1 pass in her HNC Diploma demonstrates her commitment.”

Highly Commended

151217 John Taylor 2


John Taylor – BAE Systems

“John has received six excellent PDR reports from the six placements he spent time in various departments around MAI. As a mark of his ability he was offered 2 final placements by the engineering management in both Hawk Quality & Typhoon support integration.”

Highly Commended

151221 Sam Hart 5


Sam Hart – FE Robinson

“Sam inspires confidence in his managers and can therefore work with minimal supervision. He is resourceful and solution orientated, regularly offering solutions to complex engineering challenges by applying the theoretical and practical knowledge he has acquired during his apprenticeship. Sam has consistently met and exceeded our expectations of an apprentice and has become an exemplary and valued employee.”

Highly Commended

151221 Ryan Fisher 3


Ryan Fisher – Magellan Aerospace

“Magellan Wrexham are extremely proud of Ryan. Feedback from his course and subject tutors who have had first hand experience of the quality of Ryan’s assignments and phase tests is that they are of a very high standard. All his subject  tutors are equally impressed with the progress Ryan has made and speak highly of him.”

Highly Commended

151217 Daniel Catlow 2

Daniel Catlow – Swagelok

“Daniel was the winner of the Isle of Man Apprentice of the year award 2015. Daniel is in his final year of the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Apprenticeship Scheme. He scored very highly in the final presentation and assessment and impressed the  judges very much with a combination of strong presentation skills and a deep, thorough understanding of his chosen subject.”

Highly Commended

151221 Greg Purdy 3


Greg Purdy – Magellan Aerospace

“It was evident from day one that Greg had the ability and attitude to excel at Magellan. On site the reviews from Supervisors and Operators who have had Greg working in their area have been very impressed, commenting on his attitude to the job, his quality of work. Magellan Wrexham are extremely proud of Greg.”

Highly Commended

Alexandrea Monkiewicz 4

Alexandrea Monkiewicz – BAE Systems

“Throughout her apprenticeship Alexandrea has not only completed what is expected of her to the highest of standards; achieving 9 distinctions and 3 merits in her National Diploma and 11 distinctions in HNC Diploma, in addition to producing excellent quality NVQ work. Alex has also undertaken additional challenges to further develop herself including the ‘Prince’s Trust Team Programme'."

Highly Commended

151221 Leigh Clarke 3

Leigh Clarke – Magellan Aerospace

“Leigh can always be found with a smile on his face and can generate a good atmosphere around him in college or at the factory. On site he is well mannered and always gives his best. The reviews from Supervisors and Operators who have had Leigh working in their area have been excellent having commented on his attitude to the job and his quality of work. Magellan Wrexham are extremely proud of Leigh.”

Highly Commended

151221 Kurtis Prydderch 3

Kurtis Prydderch – Magellan Aerospace

“Kurtis is well mannered and always gives his best. The reviews from Supervisors and Operators who have had Kurtis working in their area have been excellent having commented on his attitude to the job and his quality of work. He works well both as a team member and on his own using his initiative when working. Magellan Wrexham are extremely proud of him.”





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