With the UK currently having the largest aerospace industry in Europe and the second largest in the world it isn’t surprising that there are many career opportunities within the industry.

What’s more is here in the North West we are the biggest cluster in the UK - meaning there are lots of fantastic career opportunities right on your doorstep. And the industry is still growing - it’s estimated that there could be a global demand for 27,000 new passenger aircrafts and 40,000 new rotor aircrafts between now and 2031 which would mean a secure career and many more jobs to become available to meet the demand.

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Take Off in Aerospace is a careers campaign designed to raise the awareness of careers across the aerospace sector. This section is for teachers, parents and carers and careers advisers to help you inspire young people to consider their future career options in the North West aerospace industry.

Pav Parents
Pavendeep Bhogal with his parents - winner of the 2013 NWAA North West’s Best Apprentice Award and  £1000 prize money!


So what do you need to know?

Careers in the industry are well paidrewarding and often come with the chance for global travel - and it’s not just engineering roles on offer either!

Apprenticeships starting pay can be up to £220 per week - providing a fantastic opportunity to earn while you learn. This is just your starting wage too; it will increase as they progress through the company. Once your apprenticeship is complete you can expect a starting salary of anywhere between £18,000-£28,000. Some companies also offer the opportunity for a funded degree to allow employers to continue their studies at university. (figures intended for guidelines only)

Graduates in aeronautical engineering can expect a starting salary of £20,000-£26,000 per annum and aeronautical engineers with experience typically earn £28,000-£45,000.

Salaries for senior staff can be anything up to £70,000.


Toia Jobs 

It’s not just engineering

It’s not all about Engineering, there are many different career roles that apply to working in aerospace from working in project management to being a Quality Inspector each are as important as each other and each require different expertise. Check out our careers videos to learn more about different roles.


Global Travel

With the industry being global it is also a career path that could take them round the world, with many career opportunities being abroad as well as all over the UK!


So how does your child launch their career in the aerospace industry?

There are two main career paths your child can follow if they are interested in pursuing a career in aerospace:

  • Graduate Route
  • Apprenticeship Route

Not sure which route might be best for your child? Check out the university vs apprenticeship page for more information about each of the routes.

Key subjects which employers and universities look for include; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as there will be focus on these areas within the industry so good grades in these subjects are important.

Key skills include problem solving, self motivation, teamwork and communication skills.


What next?

Some schools will have careers advisers, who will be able to offer support using their expert knowledge of career routes, job roles, qualifications and a good local geographical knowledge.

The National Careers Service website provides information, advice and guidance to help make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice. This is supported by qualified careers advisers. There is also advice on building CV’s and applying for jobs.

Where do they go to apply?

The National Apprenticeship service has more information on apprenticeships and also lists current apprenticeship vacancies.

The UCAS website can help with university courses and information for the graduate entry route.

Don’t forget to check individual employer websites as well, below are links to careers opportunities available at companies around the North West of England, most of these companies offer apprenticeships and graduate schemes so check them out to see when you need to apply:


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