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There is £1.7m worth of Regional Growth Funding to support SME Activity in the Programme, with Companies expected to provide around 30% match through in kind contribution. Lead Partners include:- North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA), BAE Systems, Universities of Manchester, Lancaster, Salford, Liverpool, UCLAN, Liverpool (including the Virtual Engineering Centre), National Nuclear Laboratories Limited and also supported by Lancashire County Council.

GAMMA is intended to grow the UK’s industrial base by supporting the development of novel ‘software applications’ for autonomous systems


The GAMMA programme was created to ask that, given that the intelligent vehicles and systems will exist – and remotely operated systems already do, how can they be used most effectively and how can the UK benefit most from that market?

The GAMMA partners have an exceptional depth of knowledge about the applications of autonomous systems and have identified areas where the application of novel software capabilities would be beneficial to growing the market.

Together, the GAMMA partners have defined a number of scenarios that are expressed in aerospace terms, but represent technology problems across many domains, such as healthcare, infrastructure development, environmental monitoring – in addition to the traditional governmental uses.


The GAMMA programme provides:

  • Between £5-150k per project to develop new technology in systems management
  • Opportunity to retain Intellectual Property within the company
  • Dedicated support and resources from academia, BAE, NNL, NWAA & VEC
  • Opportunities to engage with Automotive, Agriculture, Rail Industry & Nuclear sectors
  • Creation of relationships with key stakeholders in the autonomous systems supply chain
  • Opportunity to work with a key customer to take your technology/ application to market.

For further information, please visit the GAMMA website.

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