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ZAL Innovation Days on 27th – 28th February 2019

R2D2, C-3PO, Maria, Data, Nummer 5, Wall-E, Chappie – reality is drawing ever closer to the future visions of robots familiar from science fi ction movies. They are no longer mere fantasies of crazed fi lmmakers. Increasingly, robotics & advanced automation are permeating every area of life – including aviation. That’s why we have made them the topic of our fl agship event, ZAL Innovation Days 2019.

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/ AMRC with Boeing, Factory 2050, Europa Avenue, Sheffield. S9 1ZA.

NWAA Spring Members Forum Joint Event with the AMRC – Digital Factories & Aerospace

NWAA is pleased to announce it will be hosting its spring member’s forum along with AMRC members at its site in Rotherham. The forum will take place at the brand new cutting edge Factory 2050 advanced manufacturing research facility on April 26th 2016, offering great networking opportunities between NWAA and AMRC members and a site tour!

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