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The North West aerospace cluster is one of the largest in Europe and contributes over £7 billion to the UK economy, accounting for one quarter of the UK aerospace turnover.

The North West Aerospace Alliance (NWAA) was formed in 1994 to represent and support the Aerospace Industry across the North West of England. NWAA represents approximately 25% of the UK aerospace industry with over 220 member companies and a combined turnover in excess of £7 Billion.

NWAA has developed considerable technical expertise to support aerospace companies through the delivery of over £20 Million of supply chain improvement programmes such as Aerospace Supply Chain Excellence (ASCE), Growing Autonomous Mission Management Applications (GAMMA) and the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP).

What we do – Represent, Influence, Shape, Engage.

The North West Aerospace Alliance is the key industry organisation in the region, representing and uniting companies and organisations involved in the aerospace sector supply chain.

Our Mission: ‘To provide a fully integrated support structure for North West Aerospace companies.’

The NWAA is responsible for shaping the industry through strategic thinking and delivery, by driving innovation and providing supply chain excellence and other business support programmes.

How we do it – Promote, Develop, Shape.

The NWAA achieve this through working with key stakeholders within the industry to develop products, services and supply chain development programmes that will shape the industry for the future.

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