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ZAL Innovation Days on 27th – 28th February 2019

R2D2, C-3PO, Maria, Data, Nummer 5, Wall-E, Chappie – reality is drawing ever closer to the future visions of robots familiar from science fi ction movies. They are no longer mere fantasies of crazed fi lmmakers. Increasingly, robotics & advanced automation are permeating every area of life – including aviation. That’s why we have made them the topic of our fl agship event, ZAL Innovation Days 2019.

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/ Hull University Business School

NDI How to Sell to the MOD & Export Defence Products

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and UKTI DSO are visiting the Yorkshire & the Humber Region to engage with small and medium sized businesses. This event will describe the many procurement opportunities available and how to become part of the supply chain of the MOD. In addition you can learn about the support available via UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation to sell your products and services overseas.

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/ London

Aerodays 2015: Aviation in Europe - Innovating for Growth

Aerodays 2015 is a European flagship event bringing together over 1000 attendees from the world of Aeronautics and Air Transport research. This event will provide a unique opportunity to share the results of collaborative research, showcase innovations, discuss policy and developments for work funded through the European Framework for Research and Innovation taking us forward to Horizon 2020 and beyond. This three day conference is a critical pathway to ensure that Europe remains competitive in these sectors.

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