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Technological innovation will create continual pressure for new and more specialised skills requirements within the aerospace sector. A pro-active approach is needed therefore, to monitor the impact of emerging technologies (and other factors) on the skills requirements of the supply chain, and inform regional skills planning.

The Skills Capacity Model (SCM) is a tool that enables industry to produce a view of their skills requirements for the short, medium and longer term, providing timely and accurate skills-demand information for training and education providers which will help to influence and plan the provision of future training and education in the region.

This work will stimulate change in the supply and demand of aerospace skills in the North West. It will enable aerospace companies to communicate their skills needs to providers collectively and with the backing of a robust evidence base. Training providers will respond more favourably to this collective and evidence based approach, stimulating increased provision of specialist courses better aligned to emerging levels of demand.

A post-project brochure has been put together by the Skills Team outlining the SCM. To obtain a copy, please click here to email.

For more information on the model please contact Scott Bairstow on 01772 648801 or click here to email.

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