AGM 2023


As a member of the NWAA it is very important that you attend the AGM in order to represent your company’s interests.

To save on duplicate printing and to make a small contribution to helping the environment, please make sure you bring your AGM pack with you to the meeting.

If you require any additional information about the AGM, please contact Paula Gill or a member of the NWAA team.

AGM Download Pack Download Individual Documents & Bring With You on The Day


Simply Click on the links below to Download individual documents.

  1. NWAA 2022 AGM Minutes
  2. AGM 2023 Agenda
  3. AGM 2023 Chair Invitation Letter
  4. AGM 2023 Election of Directors
  5. AGM 2023 Notice of AGM
  6. AGM 2023 Proxy Form


AGM: CLICK HERE to register for your FREE NWAA member space for the AGM on 6th December 2023.

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