LC Automation Ltd

LC Automation has delivered cutting-edge Automation, Motion Control, and Machinery Safety products for the last 45 years. That unrivalled knowledge allows us to tailor advanced solutions that can Optimise your Efficiency, Elevate the Safety of your Employees, or Boost your Productivity. Wherever you sit in the Aerospace supply chain, we can help you to unlock the future of your business. We focus on quality and building strong relationships with key suppliers, giving access to their best range of products, and ongoing training for our team. You get all the help and support you need, and peace of mind that the components you buy are right for your application.


Duttons Way,
Shadsworth Business Park,
BB1 2QR,
United Kingdom

Region: North West - Lancashire


Phone: 01254 685900



  • Robotics / Automation
  • Stockists / Distributors

Company Approvals:

  • Rolls Royce

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