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NWAA & 3DGBIRE – The 2nd of our FREE Member event Delivered by Members!!

20 September 2023 | 8:30 am - 11:00 am

Discover how different industries have adopted Additive Manufacturing into their workflow.

 Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, offers design flexibility, reduced production time, and the ability to use various materials, revolutionizing industries with bespoke, intricate, and sustainable products. It enables decentralized manufacturing, reducing costs, and promoting innovation in sectors like aerospace, healthcare, and automotive. Its unparalleled benefits streamline supply chains, boost efficiency, and push the boundaries of modern manufacturing.


  1. Design flexibility: Additive manufacturing allows engineers and designers to create intricate and complex shapes that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional methods.


  1. Reduced production time: The technology enables the simultaneous fabrication of multiple components, streamlining the manufacturing process and accelerating product development.


  1. Sustainability: Additive manufacturing reduces waste and optimizes material usage, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to conventional manufacturing.


  1. Decentralized manufacturing: Businesses can produce goods on-demand and closer to the end-users, leading to cost savings in transportation and logistics.


  1. Material versatility: Additive manufacturing can utilize a wide range of materials, from plastics to metals and biocompatible substances, opening possibilities in various industries such as aerospace, healthcare, and automotive.


Additive Manufacturing experts Mike Mead and Jack Davies will be hosting this NWAA Member event at 3DGBIRE. All delegates will be taken to the technical centre and split into groups with Additive Manufacturing experts, Mike and Jack. Each group will go through Additive Manufacturing technology with a tour and live demonstrations. We will be going through manufactures such as Raise3D, Meltio, HP, UltiMaker, miniFactory, Mayku, Lynxter, Photocenrtric, ZEISS, Boston Micro Fabrication, BCN3D, KIMYA and Shining3D and how AM is revolutionising industries


Who Should Attend?

Our networking event will offer valuable insights into:

  • the latest trends
  • innovative cutting edge technologies
  • industry specific applications

and will deepen your understanding of Additive Manufacturing.


What members can expect to gain? 

The event would offer a chance to connect with industry professionals, experts and look at how you can adopt Additive Manufacturing into your own workflow.


Next steps for NWAA members?

Our Additive Manufacturing experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 3DGBIRE hosts monthly seminars, where our experts will dive deeper into each technology. If you would like to know how AM can be adopted in your business, we are able to help with our application design service, consultations, site scans and training.



8.30am            Registration, Breakfast & Networking

8.50am            3DGBIRE Welcome & Event Open

       Mike Mead and Jack Davies

9.00am            Group Tours of the Technical Centre:

      • Additive Manufacturing tour & live demonstrations

10.50am          3DGBIRE Event Close




North Industrial Estate, 44-45 Drumhead Road
Chorley, Lancashire PR6 7BX United Kingdom
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