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The Evolving Architecture of New Space

11 October 2023 | 8:00 am - 13 October 2023 | 5:00 pm

The 20th Reinventing Space Conference and Exhibition takes place between Wednesday 11 October and Friday 13 October 2023 in Liverpool, UK.

RISpace concludes on Friday with the presentation of the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards

The conference and exhibition is a great opportunity for the UK and international space community to meet and network. There will be a strong representation from the regional players in the north west of England.

Our venue – The Spine – is located in Paddington Village at the heart of the Knowledge Quarter in Liverpool’s City Centre.

Alongside the keynotes and panels at the conference, the following papers will be presented:

Advanced Control Systems for an Encapsulated and Pressurised Habitat for Plants in Space
An Evaluation of Radiation Sensitivity of Minimally-Shielded New Space Missions
Astra Carta

AstroMagnetic Systems
Atalanta Energy Relay Architecture (AERA)
Autonomous Orbit Maintenance and Control
China/Russia’s plan for an International Lunar Research Station
Communications Means for New Space Architecture
Composite Pressure Vessel: Effect of graphene and other 2D materials in 3d multiaxial composites for Low Earth Orbit habitats
Considerations for High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) in New Space
COTS: The Inevitable March to the Van Allen Belts
Development of a kick stage and trajectory optimisation for large interplanetary scientific missions
Establishing Africa’s First Space Launch Capability
Ethics In Extra-terrestrial Nanotechnology
Factors Affecting the Payload Capacity of Orbital Launch Vehicles
How Atmosphere Breathing Electric Propulsion can make sustained operation in Very Low Earth Orbits a possibility
How the Proliferation of LEO Earth Observation Constellations Reinvented GEOINT Space
Illuminating the Future: Space-Based Solar Power as a cornerstone in the new space economy
Interplanetary Fusion-Powered Spaceships
Light pollution of the night sky: a legal perspective for a balanced way forward
Materials for reusable rockets – combined thermal and saltwater exposure testing
MicroAge Mission: The responses of human tissue-engineered muscle constructs to microgravity, with and without muscle contractions.
Minimizing the Material Bias for Thin DebriSat Fragments
Novel exotic Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloys with enhanced specific properties achieved via extreme heat treatments
Orbital Locker
Pathways to accurate and effective SSA and SDA
Project Daedalus – 50th Anniversary
Propulsion At Scale Via Impulsive Retrograde Collisions
Proxy Star Wars: the growing threat of grey-zone activities in the space domain
Pulsar Fusion
Satellite Constellation Missions Connectivity via OISL
Setting the Earth-space boundary: a case of ‘urgency before regret’
Shifting the paradigm with the Next Generation Microsatellite Platform
The applications of Very Low Earth Orbits for telecommunications constellations
The Artemis Accords
The British Interplanetary Society – The Next 90 Years?

The Design of CubeSats for Outer Solar System Scientific Missions
The evolving architecture of new space
The Future of Humanity in Space
The Human Spaceship – Off Balance
The iPhone Moment For Space Entrepreneurship
The NanoSpace Lab’s R&D Pipelines: Open Engineering for Open Space
The settlement of space: economic/logistical drivers and constraints
The Ultimate Architecture – the Space Elevator
Thermo-economic Analysis of Martian Habitats, with ARHS
Why Space? The Opportunity for Materials Science and Innovation

Conference website: www.bis-space.com/reinventingspace
Programme: www.bis-space.com/reinventingspace-programme
Tickets for the conference and Sir Arthur Clarke Awards dinner: bis-space.com/shop/product-category/event-tickets/reinventing-space-2023-tickets
There are last minute exhibition slots available official brochure


11 October 2023 | 8:00 am
13 October 2023 | 5:00 pm


The Spine
2 Paddington Village
Liverpool, L7 3FA
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