Supply Chain Solutions (SCS)

About Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS)

Raising the Supply Chain Capability of the UK SME's; Boosting Growth, Quality and Delivery Performance

The Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS) is a simple access, cross sector programme led by industry through a partnership delivery model, facilitated by ADS on a not-for-profit basis in partnership with the Regional Aerospace Alliances (RAA) and Devolved Administrations (DA).

SCS Regional Partnership Panel

Improve performance using the Supply Chain Solutions Framework (SCS)

  • Increased competitiveness, enhanced customer perception and lower internal costs through implementing the various aspects of development and performance.
  • Excellent delivery and quality performance, reduced supply chain risk and implementing leaner production methods are just some of the outcomes.
  • Ultimately, the aim of the SC21 programme is to reduce overheads and costs in the supply chain and ultimately contribute to an improved bottom line.
  • Proven track record of success backed by real business case studies.


SC21 Objectives:

The primary objectives of the SC21 program is to establish a systematic and integrated approach to improvement, with ongoing monitoring from both.

  1. An internal standpoint i.e., to track the progression of improvement initiatives
  2. An external standpoint i.e. to validate progress using a industry recognized assessment framework.

SC21 is not an auditing process but a continuous improvement process that produces real bottom line results.

Guiding Principles

SC21 is supported by the UK Aerospace Supply Chain Competitiveness Charter which reflects the Aerospace Industrial Strategy. The Charter demonstrates the commitment of prime and tier 1 companies to their UK suppliers, with SC21 participants committing to developing a working culture that focuses on development, performance and relationships.


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