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In order to achieve collaborative working, 4 workstreams have been laid out for innovation.


  • Innovation Engagement Plan

This plan lays out the step process for taking the commodity group from basic problem solving through to long term R&D projects between companies and academia.

  • Global Benchmarking

Global benchmarking is a process which collates information on the current performance levels of aircraft supply chains around the world to determine the competitiveness of suppliers in the North West.

This information will then be mapped onto a cost based learning curve to set out how much the North West needs to decrease its costs and over what period. This will then focus the work of all the ASCE2 processes.


  • Engagement with Academia

Industry and academia currently have some interaction but this is on one- to –one basis. Our engagement with academia work stream aims to create a forum for academia and industry to discuss potential projects and gain funding and support required to deliver them.

  • Innovation Networks

Developing links with academia, between companies in the industry and between funding bodies are all designed to create an innovation network.

Through this network we aim to give better industry need signals to funding bodies, create more responsive links with academia and allow companies to more easily collaborate on innovation and R&D projects.

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