Bowers Group Release Heartwarming Christmas Film, “Generations”.

Bowers Group has released a heartwarming Christmas film to celebrate the timeless legacy of its well-renowned Moore & Wright brand. “Generations” not only showcases the lasting excellence of its metrology tools but also beautifully captures the spirit of family traditions and the poignant moments of loss during the festive season.

Bowers Group Marketing Manager, Ellie Skinner, said: “Our 2023 Christmas Film is one that certainly tugs on the heart strings. It highlights how our Moore & Wright products offer quality and longevity. But, possibly more endearing, the concept was inspired by a real-life story which brings a completely personal touch to the message. It’s the perfect story for the Christmas period.”

The inspiration behind ‘Generations’ comes from the touching story of Andy Clarke, who lovingly restored his late grandfather’s vintage Moore & Wright apprentices’ tool chest. Raymond, Andy’s grandfather, born in 1914 and apprenticed in the 1930s, left behind a legacy in the beautifully restored chest, which plays a central role in the Christmas film itself – and is even featured.

The film embarks on a captivating journey through time, weaving between the echoes of Christmas past and the realities of the present. It unwraps a touching tale of a father’s devotion to his family, as he mends a broken toy for his son, enlisting the help of youngster in the process.

Fast-forward to the current day, and we see the same boy, now a grown man, cradling the cherished but repaired gift in his hands, mourning the loss of his father. Yet, within these bittersweet events, family traditions persist. The torch passes to the next generation as his daughter presents a similar challenge – a camera with a broken part, echoing the earlier scenes. Stepping into the role of mentorship, he leads his daughter through the repair process, using the very same tool chest and tool that once bridged the generational gap between father and son.

Managing Director for Bowers Group, Martin Hawkins, said: “It’s a testament to the skillset of the Bowers Group Marketing team that such an impressive film was produced entirely in house. It’s a project that really gives the big retail names a run for their money at this time of year. I’m incredibly proud to have the film showcase our Moore & Wright brand and I am delighted with the feedback we have received so far.”

Discover the heartfelt tale of “Generations” on the Bowers Group YouTube channel. Watch now and enjoy the heartening story of the legacy of precision tools.

Quality Tooling Lasts GENERATIONS | Bowers Group Christmas 2023 – YouTube

Generations - A Film by Bowers Group
Generations – A Film by Bowers Group

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