Budget reinforcements push naval and land contracts

Following a string of recent defence announcements, such as the Defence Strategic Review and updates on AUKUS, Australia’s new strategic model been affirmed in the latest Federal Budget which reflects increases prompted by threat of conflict. Conflict continues to drive up spend elsewhere, with the EU Council allocating €1 billion to the EPF (European Peace Facility) to help procure additional ammunition supplies for Ukraine, and the US announcing an additional $1.2 billion in military aid to the country.

Finland has joined prospective NATO member and neighbour Sweden in a joint military vehicle procurement programme. According to the Defense Post, the programme includes options for ‘snowmobiles, battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, mobile grenade launchers, and mobile artillery systems’. Such assets may prove useful for the Nordic allies in pursuit of a more Pan-Arctic approach to intelligence and strategy. Especially following a recent report by the Wilson Centre’s Polar Institute that concluded for the US and its allies, ‘the intelligence community must evolve to meet the reality of Arctic change’.

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