Burnley College launches ‘net zero’ hub to support business

Neil Burrows - Burnley College

Burnley College leads the way for business to embrace future opportunities and new ways of working through the Green Revolution

Burnley College is leading the Green Revolution in Lancashire, ensuring employers have access to the very best training and latest innovations to reduce their carbon footprint, helping them to secure their future prosperity and save the planet.

The College, which is recognised for its industry expertise and collaboration with employers, has secured Government funding through the national Strategic Development Fund (SDF) to develop a Low Carbon Hub within its Princess Way Campus.

The centre will be open to small and medium-sized employers from across the region to develop a vital understanding of the business incentives and need to become more environmentally aware and how they can make necessary changes.

Neil Burrows, Assistant Principal for Employer Engagement at Burnley College, said:

“We are delighted to be leading the way with this exciting project which will give Lancashire businesses a headstart in the nation’s Green Revolution. There is no doubt whatsoever that every business will have to adopt sustainability measures to survive going forward as supply chains and customers demand to see what environmental controls their suppliers have in place.

“At Burnley College, we understand just what business needs to thrive and be successful – that’s why we were determined to bring this cash to Burnley and create the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ where employers can find out everything they need to know in one place.”

The Low Carbon Hub will focus on three key areas vital to support businesses transition to a greener future:

  • Behavioural Change – Helping businesses to understand the change in culture needed and take ownership of their individual sustainability plans
  • Energy Management – Training and development opportunities for managers to fully understand energy management and explore green solutions
  • Technology and Monitoring Solutions – Support for businesses to ‘retro fit’ energy monitoring technology to help inform key decisions, as well as a location to carry out research for efficient solutions to meet future demand.

The College’s SDF project is specifically aimed at supporting businesses to develop a low or net-zero carbon plan, unlocking future opportunities and markets; create a highly-skilled and motivated workforce and create new jobs.

Neil Burrows added:

“Lancashire led the way in the Industrial Revolution. We will lead the way once again in the Green Revolution. As a county, we have a workforce who are thirsty for new skills and knowledge and employers who are not afraid to lead the way in embracing new technologies and working practices.

“The Sustainability Centre of Excellence for business at Burnley College will be the first of its kind in the Red Rose county and we can’t wait to play our part in making a difference – to the region’s future prosperity and to the future of our planet.”

The College’s SDF project forms part of a wider bid led by The Lancashire Colleges and is supported by Blackburn College, Lancaster and Morecambe College and West Lancashire College. It sees Colleges across the region embrace pioneering work which will have an impact on diverse industries and learners. As part of this collaboration, Burnley College is also supporting an SDF project to upskill the construction industry in creating carbon zero homes; installing air source heat pumps; conserving fuel and power in existing homes and developing renewable options and offsets for zero carbon.

The Low Carbon Hub will be launched early this year, staffed by experts in the field of zero carbon technology and fitted with the very latest energy-use monitoring equipment and is expected to quickly become an integral part of the local business community, accessible to all employers. To give your business a headstart in the Green Revolution, act now – visit burnley.ac.uk/employer/net-zero-initiative-2 or contact Burnley College’s Business Solutions Manager, Paul Sharples, to discover how Burnley College can provide your business with an individualised low/net zero carbon action. Email Paul on p.sharples@burnley.ac.uk


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