Cutting-edge Bioscience Degrees at Burnley College University Courses Accredited by Prestigious National Body


Burnley College University Courses (BCUC) is honoured to announce that its biology science degree programmes offered have been accredited by the Royal Society of Biology – making Burnley College the only Further Education Higher Education Institute (FEHEI) in England to receive such recognition.

This prestigious endorsement underscores BCUC’s commitment to providing education and training of the highest calibre, setting a new benchmark in bioscience academic excellence and enriching the future prospects of aspiring bioscience professionals studying at the college.

The exciting news comes as BCUC is expanding its degree-level teaching hub at Burnley College with three new floors of cutting-edge technology, large, custom designed learning spaces and more.

Being a partner in The Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology also means a huge investment has been made in state-of-the-art, industry-level equipment including machines which can “amplify” DNA, found in professional forensic laboratories worldwide.

The degrees which have been accredited are:

  • BSc(Hons) Medical Biology
  • BSc(Hons) Medical Biology Foundation Year

The Royal Society of Biology, a leading authoritative voice in the scientific community, plays a pivotal role in promoting education, professional development and public engagement in life sciences.

This accreditation simultaneously elevates the calibre of learning opportunities at BCUC while significantly enhances our graduates’ employability and career advancement opportunities.

Charlotte Hartley, the Curriculum Principal for Health, Science and Education at BCUC, said:

“In simple terms, this means our degree is ‘Industry approved’. Our graduates will be able to step straight out of our laboratories in to working laboratories, ready to make a difference from day one.”

She added that getting accreditation has been a huge team effort:

“We had to map our degree across to the vigorous standards set out by the RSB.

“Over 6 months they spoke to learners and observed lectures and lab work. They came into BCUC for a full-day event, and we were all grilled by the panel.

“I’m so proud of the dedicated team here which have made this possible.”

Biology Lecturer Samira Khan says, as well as a seal of approval for BCUC, RSB accreditation allows graduates to clearly demonstrate to employers they already have the skills necessary to start work straight away:

“If you have an RSB accredited degree you are validated to work in industry without any extra training. It clearly demonstrates that our degrees are employer and industry friendly.”

This accreditation brings numerous benefits to BCUC learners, including membership to the Royal Society of Biology. Membership offers access to a wide network of bioscience professionals and keeps students on top of cutting-edge developments in the field through a weekly newsletter. Most importantly, this recognition affirms the value of a BCUC qualification, making it a distinguished addition to any CV and greatly enhances job opportunities.

Begin your career at Burnley College University Courses, where unparalleled academic standards meet real-world relevance, paving the way to your success.

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