DKW Engineering Meet Soaring Demand with Bowers Group Bore Gauges

The quality team at DKW Engineering is using Bowers Group pistol grip bore gauges to ensure the quality of its machined components. As subcontractors, DKW Engineering receives a constant influx of new jobs in addition to their more regular work. This means that the team is faced with new inspection challenges daily, depending on the type of work and the diversity of components that they must manufacture.

Using traditional plug gauges for measurement aren’t always appropriate as there are only limited sizes available, and not costly if new gauges need to be purchased to suit the requirements of a single job. Instead of buying new plug gauges to suit the demands of individual jobs, DKW Engineering decided to invest in a more flexible and cost-effective measurement solution in the bore gauges from Bowers Group.

Used several times a day, the bore gauges are an integral part of the inspection process. They are also used by operatives on the shop floor to measure parts with particularly tight tolerances during the production process.

Vitalij Cernomorec, Quality Inspector at DKW Engineering said: “We find the Bowers bore gauges much better than your standard plug gauges; they’re far more versatile, flexible for our needs and perfect for subcontractors like ourselves. As subcontractors, the types and size of components vary, so it helps that we’re able to use the bore gauge to check a range of measurements, including series of step bores, all in one go. They’re quick and easy to use on the shop floor for in process checks and we always trust the bore gauges; the accuracy is excellent.” 

Based in Portsmouth, DKW Engineering manufactures and supplies quality, high value, and complex machined components for critical industries including automotive, medical, gas and oil, and more. Established in 1969 it has been providing subcontract manufacturing services on a global scale, producing both simple and complex milled/turned parts from a wide range of materials in various batch sizes.

The business prides itself on its team of highly skilled engineers who utilise the latest CNC machines to ensure all manufactured components are produced efficiently and to specification. By continually investing in the latest manufacturing technologies and ongoing training of engineers, DKW Engineering boasts exceptional quality control and professional management, throughout the entire procurement process.

The bore gauges provide an accurate, repeatable, and cost-effective measurement solution. They can be used for a variety of sizes of component depending on what’s required on a particular day, instantly meeting the needs of individual customers. The digital pistol grip bore gauges also offer an ergonomic design with a large, clear LCD display, along with IP67 electronics protection and proximity output with built-in Bluetooth, allowing bi-directional communication for flexible data acquisition and storage.

DKW Bore Gauge

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