EcoVadis Gold rating for Plansee, Silver for CERATIZIT

Andreas Lackner

Certification awarded for global corporate sustainability measures

EcoVadis has certified CERATIZIT with a silver sustainability rating, while Plansee has been awarded a gold rating. The company, which describes itself to be the world’s largest and most reliable provider of corporate sustainability ratings, recognises the two companies’ consistent sustainability strategy. For the companies, the award is an incentive to further intensify their commitment.

Commitment to environmental, social and ethical causes is an important factor for business success and the future viability of companies. A key prerequisite for this is transparency about the company’s current status and goals in this context. CERATIZIT and Plansee are pursuing ambitious goals with their sustainability strategy, and the first milestones have already been realised. In order to confirm this strategy to others and themselves, the companies have commissioned EcoVadis to assess their commitment to sustainability. The sustainability rating provider has now certified CERATIZIT with a silver rating and Plansee with a gold rating.

Ambitious sustainability targets – climate-neutral by 2050 at the latest

As part of the Plansee Group, both companies are important players in the production chain for refractory metals and cemented carbides. The products play an indispensable role in industry and society, which is challenging since their manufacturing process is energy-intensive. CERATIZIT and Plansee are aware of this responsibility and are making great efforts to realise their sustainability goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

One of CERATIZIT’s most important goals is to be CO2-neutral by 2025 by reducing emissions by 35 percent. By 2040, the strictest target for reducing greenhouse gases is to be achieved by reducing emissions by 90 percent to net zero. Plansee is aiming to be CO2-neutral by 2030 and net climate-neutral by 2050.

Major leverage: CO2-free hydrogen for production facilities

CERATIZIT and Plansee need hydrogen for production. Until now, hydrogen at their main site in Reutte has been produced from natural gas, which accounts for 50 percent of CO2 emissions at the site. The companies are currently installing a hydrogen electrolyser on their premises, which will cover half of the production facilities’ hydrogen requirements from 2025.

The electricity required for this electrolyser comes entirely from renewable sources. By 2025, CERATIZIT and Plansee will be able to halve local emissions from hydrogen production at the Reutte site; by 2030, all hydrogen production there is to be CO2-free.

Andreas Lackner, Spokesman of the Executive Board at CERATIZIT, explains: “The silver rating from EcoVadis confirms that we are on the right track with our ambitious commitment to sustainability. In addition to our efforts to achieve CO2 and net climate neutrality, we are also focusing on environmental, occupational health and safety issues as well as HR initiatives to become an even more attractive employer. We are delighted that our progress has been recognised with this assessment.”

Andreas Feichtinger, Executive Director at Plansee, comments: “With measures such as the gradual conversion of hydrogen production at our main site, we have been able to prove that we are serious about our sustainability strategy. The EcoVadis rating is proof of this and is an important milestone for us. However, we also want to use our innovative strength to support our customers in becoming more sustainable and accompany them on this journey.”

Andreas Feichtinger
Andreas Feichtinger

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